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For your listening enjoyment! We bring you “Roads That Lead Us Home”

Special thanks to Craig Leve for giving the song it’s world premier on his KWVA show Snap Crackle Pop!


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Roads That Lead Us Home

Tune in momentarily (9am!) to KWVA (http://kwva.uoregon.edu/listen-live/) to hear the premier of our new single “Roads That Lead Us Home!
“Roads That Lead Us Home” comes with some explanation from Chazz Bessette.
“Asdie from being about my exit from a city I called home for 11 years and returning to the northwest, ‘Roads That Lead Us Home’ song is really about finding oneself in a cyclic rut of city life and realizing that the world is filled with roads (both metaphorically and literally) that can lead you away from the habits and hustle you’ve found yourself in.
The song was the last finished recording made from my home analog studio in Austin Texas (this time on a tascam 1/2″ 16 track as opposed to the first album’s tascam 1/2″ 8 track) with the final electric guitar overdub completed while the studio and house was being rush packed for the move to Portland Oregon. A stressful but fitting ordeal. The song features former live band members Sean Crooks and Jason Morris on handclaps an myself on bass, drums, 12 string acoustic, Rickenbacker 6 string electric and vocals.
My relocation to Portland was spurred by the want and need to be closer to father after my mother’s end to her battle with cancer. ‘Roads That Lead Us Home’ serves a bit of a teaser single for this second album being a little bit rock and roll and a little bit ballad”.

And so we offically announce the hashtag #roadsthatleadushome and encourage anyone to join who wants to contribute bits of their own journey they are on whether of physical relocation, emotional or spiritual in the spirit of taking the path that leads them to a new and better destination point.

In other news as you may or may not know Chazz is living in Portland Oregon where Silver Ships will continue on with recording and touring. Keep up with the shows tab here to see where we’re playing! Had a great show last month with Months and Focus! Focus! at Alberta St Pub. Lovely venue, lovely people in all the bands and lovely audience! Thanks to those who made it out and whom we met for the first time!

And so that’s it for now! Enjoy the show!

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